Dig Deeper, Get Richer! In Planitia you can mine your way to riches. Dig deep below the surface of the Earth gathering valuable minerals to sell at the shop.

INSTRUCTIONS: 'W' to Jump, 'A' to move left, 'D' to move right, 'T' to teleport to the top, Click on a brick to break it, Click on the shop to sell ores (you will automatically purchase new pickaxes when you get enough money).

Originally created in April 2014 for Ludum Dare 29. Developed in 48 hours by Justin Nauta, based on the Theme "Beneath the Surface". Re-Uploaded to this website, but left unchanged for posterity purposes.

Release date Apr 27, 2014
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 29
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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